Brazil Sinks Ex-Sao Paulo Aircraft Carrier In The Atlantic

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The story of the Brazilian Navy’s former aircraft carrier, ex-NAe Sao Paulo, ended at the bottom of the ocean. The Brazilian Navy issued a press release, shocking many people who were following the destiny of this ship, revealing that they sank the carrier in the Atlantic Ocean. To learn more about the “Sao Paulo Saga,” Naval News contacted the Brazilian activists who attempted to save the ship.

Here is the background story on the sinking of a vessel that once was the flagship of the French and Brazilian navies…

The Brazilian Navy announced the sinking of the ex-aircraft carrier off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean on February 3, 2023. They emphasized that the Brazilian Navy handled the unexpected sinking event with the necessary technical and safety skills in order to avoid logistical, operational, environmental, and economic losses to the Brazilian State.




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