Britain’s Rishi Sunak fires party chair in latest scandal for Conservatives

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Nadhim Zahawi was dismissed over a “serious breach” of the ministerial code, which governs how ministers should behave, Sunak said in a letter to Zahawi.

The scandal is the latest in a string for Sunak’s Conservative Party, and despite the promise that a steadier hand is now in charge, allegations of “Tory sleaze” and mismanagement continue to dog the government.

The dismissal of Zahawi, a popular Conservative figure, comes after weeks of revelations about his tax affairs. He has come under scrutiny for settling an overdue multimillion-dollar tax bill, along with a penalty, while he was Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer, or finance minister — in other words, he was paying a penalty to the tax authorities at the same time he was their boss.




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