lawmakers say they’ve lost trust in Johnson over ‘partygate’ UK

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Two more British lawmakers say they have lost trust in Prime Minister Boris Johnson for throwing several “illegal” parties at his office during the pandemic.

Conservative MP John Stevenson said he had been “deeply disappointed” over the scandal, which has become known as the “partygate,” Reuters reported on Wednesday.

“Sadly, the prime minister appears unwilling to bring matters to a head,” Stevenson said in a statement. “Therefore, the only option is for the Conservative MPs to facilitate a vote of confidence. I have already taken the appropriate action,” he added.

Former Conservative Party Leader William Hague said Johnson was likely to face a vote of confidence by the end of June or even way sooner.

“Johnson is in real trouble here,” he told Times Radio. The party is “moving towards, either next week or around the end of June, they are moving towards having a ballot.”

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