New plans to widen police powers for disruptive protests

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Police could be allowed to shut down protests before they cause serious disruption, under new government plans.

Downing Street said the proposals would help officers clamp down on “a disruptive minority” who use tactics like blocking roads and slow marching.

It said the changes seek to give police greater flexibility and clarity over when they can intervene.

But human rights group Liberty said the proposals amounted to an attack on the right to protest.

The plans will be set out in an amendment to the Public Order Bill, due to be introduced on Monday.

The bill, which covers England and Wales, is making its way through Parliament and any changes would have to be approved by MPs and peers.

Its aim is to crack down on disruptive protests by groups like environmental activists Just Stop Oil, Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion, which have used tactics including blocking roads.




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