Poll: Is the economy the main driver of mid-term American voter inflation?

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Most Americans say the economy and inflation are the primary factors in determining how they will vote for Congress in the midterm elections this November, a new poll has found.

US inflation rose to its highest level in 40 years in March and currently is hovering around 8 percent. American consumers have been significantly affected by the rising cost of basic goods and services, including gas and food.

In the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll, more than 80 percent of Americans said the economy and inflation were an extremely or very important factor shaping up their vote this fall.

President Joe Biden has received low approval ratings for his handling of these key issues, suggesting trouble for the president and Democratic candidates ahead of the midterm.

The poll found that slightly more than a third of Americans, 37 percent, approve of how Biden is handling the economy, and even fewer approve of his handling of inflation and gas prices– 28 and 27 percent respectively.



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