Powerful quake leaves thousands dead in Turkey and Syria

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The head of Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) said that the organization is ready to “immediately” send aid convoys to rebel-held areas, including Idlib, through the United Nations, as international leaders struggle to send aid to quake-stricken parts of northwest Syria amid ongoing conflict and political crisis.

SARC describes itself as an independent organization. The group operates primarily across government-held territories and is based in the capital Damascus.

“We are ready to send an aid convoy through the cross-line into Idlib if they open the roads for us,” SARC President Khaled Hboubati told a news conference.

“The death toll will increase … until right now there are buildings collapsing in Aleppo and Latakia,” Hboubati said.

Hboubati added that the organization does not have enough capabilities to fully deal with the devastation.

“We were in every location after the earthquake, but we do not have the equipment, we do not have heavy machinery,” Hboubati said.

The official called for the lifting of international economic sanctions which are affecting the aid operation.




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