Prince Harry’s mystery ‘older woman’ first lover comes forward, confirms romp

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A former worker at King Charles’s home has outed herself as the “older” woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity.

Sasha Walpole, who is now 40 and just two years older than Harry, said she and the prince had a quickie when she was 19 during the summer of 2001, The Sun reported.

“It was literally wham-bam between two friends,” Walpole said.

The tryst took place in a field behind a pub where both had been drinking while celebrating Walpole’s birthday. They downed shots of tequila, Baileys and sambuca and stepped outside to smoke, according to the report.

They walked through a beer garden and climbed over a fence to the field.

Walpole said Harry wore boxers and there was no chatting or words. Afterward, they made their separate ways back to the pub and, although they had been gone just minutes, the prince’s security team was looking for him, she said.




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