Russia launched a second early-morning missile strike against Ukraine in three days.

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A supply hub called Pavlohrad, close to the Ukrainian capital of Dnipro, was attacked before Ukraine’s eagerly expected counteroffensive.

The attack injured 34 individuals, started a large fire, and damaged dozens of homes.

A few hours later, Kyiv, the nation’s capital, was among the targets of an air raid alert.

The Ukrainian army claimed to have destroyed 15 of the 18 launched cruise missiles nationwide.

The city of Pavlohrad, which is in Ukrainian-controlled territory and is around 70 miles (110 km) from the frontline, sustained the most serious damage. Pictures shared on social media revealed a sizable fire.

According to one homeowner, Olha Lytvynenko, “both doors were smashed out by the explosion wave” as she was making ready to leave their home.




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