Town elects man mayor day after he’s assassinated amid violent crime wave in Ecuador

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Menendez was fatally shot on Sunday evening, hours before the polls opened, inside an office building by unknown gunmen on motorcycles. A 16-year-old boy was also hit in the attack and died from his wounds.

On Monday, Menendez was buried at the local cemetery after being declared the winner of the election. The regional office of his Citizen’s Revolution political party accepted his victory and said another member, VerĂłnica Isabel Lucas Marcillo, would step in to fill the mayor’s post on behalf of Menendez.

The slain politician’s wife, GĂ©nesis Gonzáles, posted a message Sunday on her Facebook page paying tribute to Menendez.

“You taught me to love, learn and keep moving forward. To not be afraid, but you never taught me how to do it without you,” Gonzáles said in the post.




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