Ukraine news – live: Russia rolls out ‘basic military training in schools’ as Bakhmut fighting becomes ‘acute’

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Russia is set to make basic military training mandatory in its secondary school curriculum under a ‘basics of life safety’ course, the British defence ministry said today.

“In recent weeks, the Russian ministry of education has provided more detail on the rollout of the previously announced plan to include basic military training in Russia’s secondary school curriculum,” the MoD said in a new intelligence brief.

The initiatives “highlight the increasingly militarised atmosphere in wartime Russia, as well as being a (likely deliberate) evocation of the Soviet Union: similar training was mandatory in schools up to 1993.”

This comes as Volodymyr Zelensky said fierce fighting in eastern Ukraine remained critical over the weekend.

“The situation at the front, and in particular in the Donetsk region – near Bakhmut and Vuhledar, remains extremely acute. The occupiers are not just storming our positions – they are deliberately and methodically destroying these towns and villages around them. Artillery, aviation, missiles,” said Mr Zelensky.




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