Utah father took guns from home before killing 7, leaving family ‘vulnerable,’ relative says

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In the days leading up the the horrific killings of seven members of a southern Utah family, the gunman — the husband and father of the family — removed guns from the house, a relative said Friday.

Michael Haight had removed guns from the home that were owned by himself and his wife, Tausha Haight, prior to the shooting deaths. Tausha Haight told her extended family that her husband took the guns from the family’s home this week, Haight’s sister, Jennie Earl, told the Associated Press.

She said she did not know how Tausha Haight felt about the removal, but said it “left the family vulnerable,” noting that both her sister and her mother, Gail Earl, were trained in gun safety and personal protection.

While Earl says it is unknown whether having those guns in the home would have changed the outcome, she says if either Tausha Haight or Gail Earl had a chance to defend their family, they would have been able to use those guns.




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