Hidayat Television provides for its dear Viewers exclusive and interactive Religious programmes, Lectures, Current affairs, Documentaries, Entertainment with an Islamic perspective and many more to your homes. Hidayat Tv has developed into a platform for ingenious and practical complementing the definition of hard word and excellence.
We as a team are proud to broadcast live and recorded programmes in various languages such as Urdu, English, Gujrati,Dari, Balti and many more for those that reside in the United Kingdom and across the globe.
Our team serves the Ahlulbayt (a.s) endlessly day and night hence a portrait is defined by the hard work.
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From Zero to One

From the very first day Hidayat tv dedicated its full air time to serve the Ahlulbayt (a.s) and inshallah will continue doing so until the last

Our Level Up

All our dear viewers have witnessed that out standard and quality of programmes are increasing day by day. You can all catch us on all major social media platforms inshallah

Your Satisfaction

Without the satisfaction of our dear viewers it would have not been possible for where we are now. We have gone global due to the help of Imam Zamana (a.j)
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Hadith of the Day Story of the Day

قال حضرت امیر المومنین علی ابن ابی طالب عليه السلام

خَیرُ العِلمِ ما أصلَحتَ بِهِ رَشادَكَ، وشَرُّهُ ما أفسَدتَ بِهِ مَعادَكَ.


Ameer-al-Momineen Ali [as] said;

.The best Knowledge is that by which you perfect your growing and guidance and the worst one is that by which you spoil your Hereafter.


غرر الحکم و درر الکلم، جلد 1، صفحه 352

Imam Muhammad Baqir narrated from Amir al-Mu’minin (a.s.) that when the Ayat al-Kursi was revealed, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said that the Ayat al-Kursi is a verse that was revealed from the treasure of the throne, and when this verse was revealed, every idol in the world had a face fell to the ground

At this time, Iblis was afraid and said to his people: “A big incident has happened tonight, so I will go around the world and bring news.” it happened”
The man said, “The Messenger of Allah said:” A verse was revealed from the treasures of the Throne, and the idols of the world all fell on their faces because of that verse. After hearing the incident, Iblis went to his people and informed them about the incident.


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