Do the majority of Americans prioritize gun violence reduction laws over gun rights?

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Most Americans believe the new legislation aimed at reducing gun violence should be prioritized over protecting gun rights amid a deadly spate of mass shootings in the country, according to a new poll.

The ABC/Ipsos poll, which comes in the wake of a deadly string of mass shootings in the United States, said 7 out of 10 people in the country prioritize laws reducing gun violence over gun rights.

The poll showed only 21 percent or less than one-third of those interviewed believed that gun rights should be a higher priority than reducing gun violence in the country.

Most Democrats said lawmakers should prioritize laws focused on reducing gun violence while about half of the Republican respondents said protecting the rights of gun owners is a higher priority.

The poll was conducted from June 3 to 4 as the country mourned those killed in multiple mass shootings, including 10 at a grocery store in New York 21 at an elementary school in Texas.

On Saturday, another 9 people were killed and dozens wounded in a string of mass shootings across the US.



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